2011 is winding down, but you shouldn’t!

As 2011 draws to a close, many businesses will naturally start slowing down due to the seasonal demand for their products and services.

Since business activity is much lower in terms of sales, business owners often tend to tighten their grip on their purse strings, in particular marketing budgets.

We’re here to tell you that it’s actually a time to ramp up your marketing and promotion efforts or at the very least, keep them at the same level – just don’t reduce or drop it altogether!

Google Shopping – the next wave in Comparison Shopping

We’re all used to seeing comparison shopping sites pop up in results when searching for products either by brand name, model number or type. They present a great way to compare pricing before you buy and in many cases, the price difference can be staggering! The savings are there for all to have but sometimes it can be a bit daunting choosing a comparison site as there are so many available.

What if you could do that within Google itself and not have to bother about any other comparison site?

Well now you can. With Google Shopping.