2011 is winding down, but you shouldn’t!

As 2011 draws to a close, many businesses will naturally start slowing down due to the seasonal demand for their products and services.

Since business activity is much lower in terms of sales, business owners often tend to tighten their grip on their purse strings, in particular marketing budgets.

We’re here to tell you that it’s actually a time to ramp up your marketing and promotion efforts or at the very least, keep them at the same level – just don’t reduce or drop it altogether!

If everyone in your industry experiences slow business growth around the holidays and they’re toning the marketing down, wouldn’t it be a smart thing to do the exact opposite?

Think about it.

Your competitors slow down their promotions. Their ads are less prominent. They go into semi-hibernation and into obscurity, out of the faces of your customers.

Then you come along and actually increase your efforts (or you keep going at the same levels when business is busy). It’s YOUR business that gets the lion share of exposure. It’s YOUR business that is seen by customers. It’s your business that is in their face.

YOUR BUSINESS. Not your competition.

Genius isn’t it?

When everyone else gets back from holiday mode, they’re already on the backfoot and have to play catch up. As for your business? You just keep building on that unbeatable lead you’ve attained while everyone else was napping in the sun.

Keep your business going no matter what. Talk to 123 SEO about SEO and Internet Marketing for your Business.

As Sam Kekovich says, you know it makes sense!