Ignore dodgy SEO emails

Ignore dodgy SEO emails

You know these emails well.

They’re from people with sometimes ludicrous sounding names, purporting to be from a certain SEO company and they’ve graciously analysed your website and found some major problems and thought to alert you. They’re light on details, citing issues that are generic in nature and could apply to any website and worst of all, this email is sent from a Gmail email address. Yes. A Gmail email address. Not an official email address from a real company with a real website, but from a freely available one which can be setup within mere minutes. That should clearly be enough of a reason to ignore the email and send it to the trash where it belongs.

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But even if you were to genuinely consider what is being said in the email – it’s clearly templated and generic in nature – it could apply to any site given the right context.

‘your site does not rank for keywords in your niche’ -really? which ones? you kinda left out the specifics here….

‘your traffic is stagnant or limited’ – really? you’ve got access to my Analytics and/or website stats?!

‘you don’t have enough backlinks’ – based on what? isn’t it about quality over quantity.

It’s best to ignore these emails and move on. If you are currently doing SEO and have genuine concerns about your campaign, bring it up with your Account Manager. If they’re legit, confident and honest, they will have no trouble giving you the facts and allaying your fears.

I personally encourage my clients to ask as many questions as they need to because I want them to feel totally confident giving me their SEO to manage. They can email me at a real email address on an official company domain, they can speak to me on the phone and they can even visit me when they’re in Brisbane. Highly doubt you could do that with such and such from some random online marketing company with a Gmail address. And for what it’s worth – we also get these emails on a daily basis. Apparently we don’t rank for keywords in our niche. Clearly, these guys haven’t been searching in Google AU for the last few years where Dejan SEO has always been on page 1 for ‘SEO’….