Google Shopping – the next wave in Comparison Shopping

We’re all used to seeing comparison shopping sites pop up in results when searching for products either by brand name, model number or type. They present a great way to compare pricing before you buy and in many cases, the price difference can be staggering! The savings are there for all to have but sometimes it can be a bit daunting choosing a comparison site as there are so many available.

What if you could do that within Google itself and not have to bother about any other comparison site?

Well now you can. With Google Shopping.

It just got released in Australia a few days ago and when you type in product names into your search box (like normal), you can now use the Shopping tab on the left to compare prices of online retailers within Google’s rapidly growing database.

The refinement features are not as elaborate as some comparison sites but it’s certainly a start and it presents great value for retailers and consumers alike.

It’s just one extra way you can maximise exposure for your company, brand and products in Google and win more customers over and make more sales. Now who wouldn’t want that?

If you run an online store and would like help in getting started with Google Shopping, talk to 123SEO today.