Brisbane Zombie Walk going for Guinness World Record

123 SEO is proud to be helping out the Brisbane Zombie Walk with their online marketing for 2011.

Our partnership began in 2010 when we arranged to supply wristbands to zombie participants through one of our clients – and all for a fantastic cause.

The zombie walk in Brisbane began in 2006 and had about 500 participants. Over the years, interest in the zombie walk and its cause have grown exponentially and in 2010, the Brisbane Zombie Walk recorded over 10,000 zombies!

Interestingly enough, the Guiness World Record for the Largest Gathering of Zombies┬áis only 4093 participants (set in New Jersey, USA) so given the great interest and sheer number of entrants in last year’s walk, the organisers of the 2011 Brisbane Zombie Walk are vying for the title!

So what’s the deal with the zombie walk and what cause will benefit?

A zombie walk is an organised public gathering of people in zombie costumes. Zombies, although fictional, have a penchant for fresh brains. The Brisbane Zombie Walk decided to partner up with the Brain Foundation of Australia and has been donating proceeds from the event to help fund further brain research. Of course, no zombies in real life actually eat any brains but this is a unique way to increase awareness and raise funds for what is otherwise a serious issue.

It’s a fantastic cause and with the sort of popularity this event has enjoyed since inception, the Brain Foundation truly values all contributions and looks forward to seeing the success of the 2011 Brisbane Zombie Walk.

The Brisbane Zombie Walk will be on Sunday 23 October 2011 starting off at Wickham Park and moving through Fortitude Valley where there will be an after party. More info can be obtained from the Brisbane Zombie Walk website.

If you can’t attend – not to worry! You can still support the walk and the cause by making some purchases at the Brisbane Zombie Walk Shop or by making a donation.

All the best to everyone attending the walk. Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains!