When the going gets tough, what gets going?

In small business, it’s almost always a hard road.

Mounting costs, very tight budgets and insatiable desires to grow, expand and start making bigger profits. But it doesn’t always have to be so hard.

I mean, think about it. Often the only reason we’re in a tight spot is because we’ve failed to plan and we’ve used our money inefficiently. We’ve allocated dollars without thinking and we haven’t stopped to consider benefits, returns on investment or even risk.

When it comes to SEO, for some odd reason, many small businesses don’t place as much value on it. It’s easily the most affordable marketing tool available (after word of mouth, but that’s another story) yet it’s the one most owners don’t understand, value or appreciate (or even allocate enough dollars to).

In fact, when the going gets tough, the first thing most people do is kill off marketing (which is in effect, killing off SEO). It’s a typical knee-jerk reaction and one that is understandably easy to make. But why oh why is this done?!

I know you’re in a period of low sales but the SEO is contributing to this (albeit in a small way). By killing off your SEO, you’re in effect going from low sales to no sales. It’s almost a given.

Very few businesses can afford to stop SEO and continue moving forward. Invariably when SEO stops, your rankings drop, traffic drops and exposure for your business drops.

I guess you could always go back to YellowPages, right? or perhaps spend $1000+ on a front page ad in the local newspaper? Or even mailbox drops (surely printing and hiring some school kids to deliver is cheaper than SEO?) Wrong.

None of the above will begin to give you the ROI that SEO can and will give. At $330 a month (our most basic package), 123SEO offers a bulletproof SEO solution for your small business that is not only affordable, it’s also effective. It’s a small campaign and means only a few things can be done each month but it’s better than nothing being done.

And that’s why when the going gets tough, you need to start slashing costs elsewhere. Stop frivolous spending, go green and try to cut back on your electricity and water usage. And so on.

Look towards your website and the Internet to cut your operating costs and to actually grow your business the right way.