3 easy SEO things to do in the Easter break

What’s that I hear you cry? “you want me to work on SEO during my hard earned Easter break?!”

Yes, I do.

In fact, it’s a great time to do a bit of extra work on your website and SEO so you can bounce back from the Easter break with a headstart. You won’t have to worry about customer calls or emails (for most people) so you’ve got a lot more free time to do the things you should be doing during your working week.

It’s normally a time for people to turn off the engine, unwind and disconnect completely from anything not related to relaxation but I believe by spending a bit of time on your website and SEO, the rewards will pay off nicely.

So here’s 3 quick and easy things to do when you can spare a few minutes:

1. Add your business to directories
You’re probably already included in a fair few directories but chances are there are still more you can join for free or at a very low cost. Doing this gets your business listed (and your website linked to) from more places and also creates a bit more exposure for your business. It’s another very easy way to take up more online real estate.

2. Add your business to social networks and get the conversation going (or rekindle the flames!)
By now you’re already part of Twitter and Facebook (at the very least!) but you may have neglected these great business tools. Get back in there, search for your business name and get the conversation started. If you find no one talking about you, that’s bad! People should be raving about you and even if there’s complaints, this is a golden opportunity to engage with your customers directly and make things right. Don’t limit yourself to these sites either. Consider YouTube, LinkedIn, Squidoo, Quora, … oh there’s so many!

3. Adding blog posts / content to your website
We all know adding more content to our blog/website is important to helping our websites get better rankings and become even more relevant for our target keywords but too often, we brush it off because it is perceived as time consuming and not as important as other things in our business. Now you have the time. You don’t need to write essays or come up with a heap of articles. Start by writing down headlines/topics to discuss and tee them up as drafts. Then just type away when the inspiration hits you and if after the break, you come out with a few new articles/blog posts and about 5 more topic ideas for future content publications, you’ve done well. It’s a start and will help you get into a routine.

Submit new and updating listings in directories, join and be active on social networks and build content on your website – 3 very easy things to do while you’re on a break.

Happy Easter!