Using YouTube for your small business

You don’t need to hire a professional film production company or even get a tv ad made up in order to use YouTube for your small business marketing efforts.

All you need is Windows Movie Maker (comes with most computers running Windows), high quality images of your products/business/staff in action and away you go.

The videos don’t need to be long either. Keeping them to 30 seconds is a good idea if you want to give people a very quick overview of what you have on offer.

Some ideas include:

  • product showcase
  • tutorial/guidelines (how to set up…., troubleshooting…etc)
  • staff in action
  • company profile/promo
  • product reviews

It’s very versatile and very easy! I would recommend adding music but just be sure you have the rights to use the music (we don’t want any lawsuits!).

And once you’re done adding your video to YouTube, be sure to promote it! Add a link to it from your website (or even embed the video on your website), share it with customers in a newsletter, add a link to it from your email signature, mention it on Twitter and Facebook…

For small businesses on tight marketing budgets, a set of YouTube videos might just be the best tool yet to promote your business.

Talk to us about using YouTube to promote your business.