Keyword Research – the base of your SEO campaign

When starting out with any SEO campaign, you need to do your keyword research.

Knowing the traffic volume for your target keywords will help you structure an SEO campaign that is geared for profitability from the start.

Choosing the right keywords is more than just traffic volume however. For example, generic keywords like ‘cars’ or ‘homes’ or ‘pizza’ would bring in enormous amounts of traffic however being generic also means they’re highly competitive. So it’s about finding the keywords that are relevant to your target market that will also bring in decent traffic.

Failing to get this part of the SEO campaign right means you’ll either be targeting highly competitive phrases which you have a very slim chance of ranking for or keywords so niche that traffic levels are almost non existent.

Get localised

It’s all about what people in your target market are searching for. In Australia, we call it ‘car insurance’. In the States, it’s commonly known as ‘auto insurance’. In Australia, we call them ‘nappies’. In the States, they’re called ‘diapers’. There may sometimes be a bit of overlap with some keywords given the globalisation of our world but for the most part, you need to go with whatever your target market uses.


Get specific

Are you selling car insurance? do you simply provide car insurance quotes? is it a car insurance comparison website? are you merely providing information about car insurance? Drill down to the most specific keywords related to what you do. Highly specific keywords may not bring in the highest level of traffic but they are often less competitive which means you have a greater chance of ranking for those keywords meaning conversions are likely to be higher (from SERPs to your website).

Some keyword examples: car insurance, car insurance quotes, compare car insurance, car insurance info, car insurance information, car insurance benefits….


Get organised

Not every business sells one product or service so in cases where you have many offerings, you will need to ensure you have everything put together in groups/categories accordingly. For example, if you sell party supplies for kids, you can split that up into categories for boys and for girls. You may even have some which are gender neutral so that could be another category. Within these, you can then go for things like boys party themes, boys party supplies, boys party bags and so on.

Having sets of keywords broken down into relevant sections pertaining to your business/website will help you stay organised so you can structure your website accordingly with complete SEO efficiency.

Relevancy is major part of SEO goodness and using the above as a guide, you can achieve maximum relevancy for pages within your website, targeting the most important keywords for your business and bringing in the right sorts of visitors who are more likely to be turned into customers.


123 SEO can help take care of the Keyword Research component of your SEO strategy and will research your business, industry, competitors and target market to find the best keywords that offer the best traffic levels whilst maintaining relevancy and accuracy. Send an enquiry about our In-depth Keyword Research Report today!