How to take mobile payments with PayPal

Many small business owners who have their own website, take online payments via the PayPal system which serves as an intermediary and lets them handle payments from credit cards or PayPal accounts.

PayPal is hard to ignore – they’re insanely popular, were bought out by eBay (which makes eBay buying and selling so much easier) and despite some competition from other similar systems, they remain the number 1 choice for handling online payments for small to medium sized businesses who can’t justify the cost of a dedicated payment gateway through a bank.

With the advent of smartphones and the incredible things they let you do when on the run and not near a computer, PayPal is melding the wonders of a mobile device with their revolutionary payment system.

Behold, the PayPal Credit Card Reader – aka PayPal Here!

It’s a tiny device that plugs into your smartphone headphone jack (initially only for iPhone then Android), and away you go. You can take mobile payments on the fly via credit card or even through a customer’s PayPal account.

Yes, it’s that easy. At 2.4% per transaction + 0.30 flagfall, it’s a very straightforward method of handling payments through PayPal, when you’re out and about.

Of course it can be adapted to places where you have a small kiosk or work from home (which is very very handy!) so it’s a flexible solution that let’s you trade with comfort.

It’s being rolled out slowly over the coming weeks and more widely in April and beyond. But rest assured, it will be making big waves in the e-commerce market and if you’re a merchant who is interested, fill in the form here and sit tight for an update from PayPal.