Easy Ways To Create Great Content

With each algorithmic change that goes by there seems to be increased emphasis placed on producing great content and obtaining links through ‘white-hat’ means. Creating great content is something that many in the SEO industry seem to talk about all the time, but what is great content and how can you create it?

How To Create Great Content

What Is Great Content

Great content is useful or interesting to it’s users and can be in the form of interactive content, images, blog posts. Great content will often be reused, shared, linked to and referenced and can help to establish your business as an authority in the market place, which is why it can be a powerful tool for link building and online branding.

#1 Best Tip For Creating Great Content

Write down your ideas. As soon as you think of something that might be a good idea, write it down. It’s easy to forget what you were thinking and once it’s gone its gone.

Write Down Great Content
Bruce all mighty in case you we’re wondering.

What Makes Great Content

  • Relevant
How can you figure out if your content is relevant? By making sure people are searching for it. You can do this using the Google Keyword tool; by identifying which keywords people use to find your site in Analytics; and reading through blogs or forums about your products or services. Whilst doing this you’re likely to find questions about your product, service or the need it fulfills. By understanding what information people need, you can provide them with something relevant they’ll use.
  • Unique
If it’s been done a hundred times before, it’s probably not worth doing it again, unless you can really create something unique. If it has been done well before it’s going to be difficult to rank for the same keywords and unlikely anyone will be interested in reading your content. Instead, look for areas of weakness in existing content and provide content target at that gap.
  • Informative
Unless you are a well known authority it’s unlikely that anyone will want your opinions. Sticking to the facts will help keep your content informative and useful to readers.
  • Succinct
It’s an old rule of writing. Say what you want to say, then say it in half the words. This helps improve readability and forces you to get to the point.
  • Attractive
Use attractive images, proper headings and readable fonts with good spacing. These all improve readability for users. Ensuring that content is attractive lowers bounce rate and increases the likelihood thatvisitors will complete an action whist on your site or return later. Make sure you use related images with targeted ALT text for a boost to ranking as well.
  • Easy to share
Making your content easy to share is the best way of promoting your website.  URLs should be short and readable. Social media buttons should be added to articles at the beginning, end or in the sidebar. It also helps to have a couple of enticing images which can be used as a social media preview, increasing the odds that once a link is shared, others will click through to view content.

Easy Content Development Ideas

Easy Content Development Ideas Fingerpainting
Ideas So Simple Even An SEO Can Do Them!

You might not be a hard core coder or a graphic designer but you can still create useful link worthy content simply by becoming a source of useful information. These ideas should get you started.

  • FAQs – You probably know more about your product, service, business location than most. Writing answers to specific questions people might have is an easy way to create content that people will search for, find useful and link to.
  • Detailed reviews of your products, services or related products in your industry. People are always on the lookout for information about products and services they are about to buy. If you can create detailed and reliable information and remove the ambiguity of buying online then you will quickly become a trusted resource that people will visit frequently and  recommend to others. Just ask CNET.
  • How To’s explaining your products, add on’s or activities related to your product. These are similar to FAQs but in more depth, you can use videos, infographics and detailed but easy to read articles. Taking the time to create this sort of content, ensuring it is of high quality will help you become an authority source of information that is linked to and recommended by others.
  • Steal other peoples ideas and then do it better – If you think you can do a better job at creating a certain piece of content. Do it. The really hard work of coming up with an idea has been done for you. Now you just need to create something with more information, laid out in a clearer format, using higher quality images and perhaps some interactive functionality. Simple.

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