Ever Wondered How Google Works?

Ever Wondered How Google Works?

SEO123 sheds some light on what happens behind the scenes of this Internet giant.

What made Google so popular was their ability to provide most relevant results to our searches. Their sorting is not alphabetical but instead relies on an algorithm driven by over two hundred factors which includes topical relevance and reputation score.

Search Factor #1: Topical Relevance

Google provides results relevant to our search and lists all the websites which contain search keywords within their content. This is why we do not see results for “towing trucks” when we search for “free coffee machines”. Figuring out site’s topic is a relatively easy process. The difficult part is the sorting of the most relevant results.

Let’s say Google has just found 20 really good websites all offering free coffee machines, which one deserves the first spot and which one should be last on the list?

The first page results seem most relevant to our search and every next result page goes further away from what we actually wanted.

Search Factor #2: Reputation & Trust

Google usesĀ  a proprietary reputation score for web pages called PageRank which ranges from 0 to 10. PageRank is calculated by observing the amount and quality of inbound links (a link from another site to yours). Websites with lots of quality inbound links generally outrank the ones with poor quality links.

Useful Tips:

  • Ensure that your website contains terms that your visitors will search for, avoid internal jargon when writing content for web.
  • Encourage other websites to link to you. For example this could be your supplier, distributor, partner or even a customer.
  • Make sure your content is accessible and search engines can easily find it.

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